Month: April 2016

Cappuccino Cupcakes And Contests And Also Gender, Sorry

I entered the National Capital Area Cake Show’s Cupcake Social a few weeks ago, and I’ve been walking around in a haze of butter, caffeine, and leftover adrenaline ever since. I rolled in from Vegas at midnight the day before the contest, did all my grocery shopping that morning, and cranked out exactly one half of the cupcakes that I intended to make before realizing that I was going to miss registration, holy shit, we have to go NOW.

I’m happy to say that I made it there in one piece, with one complete set of cupcakes in tow. I didn’t miss registration! I got set up in time!

win at cake

I also kind of won at cake? I placed in the top three for division and flavor. Which was a surprise and a pleasure, given the quality of the other bakers there.

Here’s what I learned before and during the contest:

  1. If you get business cards printed for your blog, you are going to leave them at home.
  2. Having a friend around during an all-day baking sprint is really useful. Two friends are even better. If possible, stagger their arrival so that one of them can bring you food when you start getting faint around hour 6.
  3. If you stand next to the person who wins the whole entire thing, you are going to spend a lot of energy being gracious even though everybody likes her cupcakes better than mine and everything is terrible why does she have tiny adorable starbucks wrappers for her cupcakes did she really make 110 of those really she’s a lovely person but seriously what the fuck
  4. Everything is going to take three times as long as you think it will. I had two recipes tested and ready to go; I came out with one kind cupcake. I just ran out of time. I could have saved myself a bunch of grief and also a shitton of butter money if I had been realistic about the timing from the start.

I had a lot of fun! And then something weird happened.





The National Capital Area Cake Show is holding a contest in my general vicinity. I might be a little excited.


I’ll be on site with TWO HUNDRED mini cupcakes to feed to the public. If you, too, live in the DC area, come meet me! Eat my cake! Certainly do not slip the judges a twenty on my behalf! I will be the one working very hard not to swear in front of children (frowned upon), and giving them tiny caffeine/sugar bombs instead (apparently okay?).

Where is the thing? Does it cost dollars?

The cupcake social is at Fairfax High School, 3501 Rebel Run, Fairfax, VA 22030. It starts at 6:00 PM on April 16. It does cost $15, but you can eat as much cake as you want! The website suggests buying tickets ahead of time if you plan on attending.

What cake are you making????

Two varieties! A mulled cider cupcake and a cappuccino cupcake.

What is your test baking process?

Make as large a mess as possible. Foist six kinds of cupcake on everyone I know. Write down the results. Repeat.


Will you be creating the components of your stupidly complicated cupcakes ahead of time so you can have a nice, leisurely baking process on Saturday?


See you there!